>> Is it possible to stay in a affiliated hotel in Santa Caterina ?

Yes it is, by Hotel Genzianella*** whose owner are the same as the refuge.
For more info contact or call +39 0342925092.

>> Where do I have to leave the car coming from Santa Caterina?

Leave your car at the parking situated by Rifugio Pizzini. From there follow the carriage road that, passing by Rifugio Pizzini, leads to Rifugio Casati. It’s possible to car hire a jeep.

>> How long does it take to reach the refuge on foot? What is the difference in height?

From Rifugio Pizzini it takes about 3.00/3.30 hours to reach the refuge along 1270 meters of ascent.

>> Is it possible to reach the refugee by car?

No, there isn’t any way to reach the refuge unless by foot.

>> Can anybody reach the refuge? Even inexperienced hikers or families with children?

Sure! The path is suitable for everybody without any danger. Anyways it’s important to have the right shoes and clothing. We really recommend having the trekking poles.

>> Is there a car hire service from Rifugio Forni?

Yes, there is always a jeep from there with a driver. For more info call Cola Simone 333 4706865

>> How many meters of ascent are there form Laghi di Cedec-start of aerial ropeway (where the jeep leaves you) and how long does it take?

From where the jeep leaves you to the refuge it takes 0.40/1.00 hours with 500 meters of ascent.


>> Is it possible to have lunch/dinner at the refuge? Is it possible to stay overnight?

Yes! The bar and the restaurant have many dishes of the Italian and also local cuisine. The refugee has 180 bed accommodation divided into rooms with 2-4-6 beds.

>> Is it possible to have a room with a private bathroom?

Yes upon request it’s possible to have a room with its own bathroom paying an extra charge of 20.00 €.

>> What time is the dinner?

The dinner will be served in a single shift at 18.30.

>> Does the beds have the sheets?

No. It’s mandatory to have a sleeping sheet, which is eventually possible to buy at the refuge.

>> Is it possible to take a shower

Yes, but towels aren’t provided and it costs 6.50 €.

>> What is important to have in the backpack?

You have to bring your own slippers because it’s forbidden to go to the rooms with your boots on.

>> Is it possible to carry the backpacks and equipment up with the aerial ropeway

Yes, upon request and good weather conditions, its possible to carry the material with an extra charge of 25.00 € per trip.

>> Does the refuge have a winter bivouac?

Yes, the Rifugio Casati has a winter bivouac with 12 beds and it’s always open. The bivouac is provided only of beds and blankets.

Booking and prices

>> Do I have to book to stay overnight? And to lunch?

Reservation is suggested (for info clik here prenota). Having lunch is never a problem, in case of big groups is suggested to call before coming.

>> How can I send you a deposit?

By bank transfer (call or email us before).

>> Is it possible to pay with credit or debit card at the refuge

No it isn’t, we’re sorry.

>> Who set the prices and how?

The prices are set by CAI (Italian alpine club) depending on how high the refugee is, how difficult is to reach it and most of all how hard is to deliver supplies.

>> Are there any discounts for teens?

Yes, there are discounts for stay overnight, to find out more contact us by email or call us.

>> Is there an extra charge for booking a room with a private bathroom?

Yes, the room with private bathroom costs 20.00 € more.

Alpine guide

>> Is it possible to book an alpine guide from the refuge?

Yes, it’s possible, but it’s recommend to tell us at least 3-4 days in advance.


>> Is it possible to rent the equipment at the refuge?

Yes, we are provided by rentable ropes, crampons, harnesses e ice axes.