.: Shelter Gianni Casati - mt.3269 :.
C.A.I Milano

The History

The building of Casati shelter began in 1922, led by “Club Alpino Milano”, is closed to Cevedale Pass where, during the I World War there were located some austrian shacks.
The place was chosen in a strategic point, which was able to connect easily Valfurva with Solda and Martello Valley. Work started during the summer but, due to bad weather, it finished only the following year: the shelter’s opening ceremony happened on 9th December 1923.
As soon as the shelter was completed, it was named after “Gianni Casati”, died bravely in Gorizia on 12th August 1916.
His dad took part to the investment of the shelter’s building with a great amount of money.
In 1932 it was founded the first summer ski school up on the glacier.
In 1934, due to the increasing number of tourists, it was built another shelter, smaller then Casati one, which was named after
Alessandro Guasti , and exposed to view on Gran Zebrù.
Now this small shelter is used for winter period as a bivouac.
In 1985 and later in 2007 Casati shelter was renovated and modernized always due to the increasing number of tourists.

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The Shelter

The Casati and Guasti refuge lies in the ORTLES - CEVEDALE MOUNTAIN range at an altitude of 3269 meters, where it is set the biggest glacier in europe. Here climbing and walking can be done in a panoramic landscape of matchless beauty. Historical attractions dating back to the First World War with three cannons just 500 meters from the refuge. This is a fascinating spot for keen photographers with sunrises and sunsets seen from here. The family run refuge has 260 beds with 2/4/6 bedded rooms. After the renovations done in 2003 the refuge has central heating, hot and cold water in bathrooms, showers, solarium heated ski and ski-boot deposit. Half board or full board plus bar and restaurant service. The refuge is situated in a panoramic position with views of Val Martello, Solda e Val Cedec.


  • The refuge is opened from 15th March to 10th May and from 15th June to 20th September (depend of the weather conditions).
  • The bivouac in the Guasti Refuge with 12 places.
  • The dinner is on h.18.30.
  • If the weather is good, a service lift can take your bags to the refuge, please call from Pizzini refuge.
  • Better to bring your own hut slippers.

  • Groups composed of 5 people or more, are required to pay a deposit of € 15,00 a person.
    (In case of missed attendance, the put down deposit, will be string along until the end of the current season.)

  • Exceptional the position for the ski-mountaineering tours that ascent to the following peaks and refuges:
  • M. Cevedale (Züffalspitze) h. 2.30 mt 3778
  • M. Gran Zebrù (Königspitze) h.4.00 mt 3859
  • M. Pasquale h. 2.30 mt 3559
  • M. Solda h. 0.30 mt 3376
  • M. Cima Pozzo h. 1.30 mt 3302
  • M. Madriccio h. 3.30
  • M. Palon de la mare h. 4.15 mt 3704
  • M. Cima Marmotta h. 3.30 mt 3327
  • crossing of the 13 peaks 2/3 days
  • 3 Cannons h. 0.20 (of World War one)
  • to the refuge Città di Milano h. 1.30
  • to the refuge Nino Corsi h. 2.30 / 3.00
  • to the refuge V Alpini alle Pale Rosse h. 3.00
  • to the refuge Larcher h. 3.30
  • to the refuge Vioz h. 6.45
  • to the refuge Branca h. 3.30
  • How to get here

  • The refuge is easily reachable from S. Caterina Valfurva, there's the possibility to go to the lakes of CEDEC (m.2830)
    with an off-road, and from here you can walk to the refuge in about an hour.
    A cableway can bring up to the refuge your equipment.

  • From Sulden the refuge is reachable with a gondola that will take you to the refuge "Città di Milano", from here you can walk to the Casati refuge in 2 hours.

  • From Val Martello in 4.00 hours..

    N.B. Coming from Martello Valley, you can encounter some rock indications which lead wrongly to CIMA POZZO:
    please DO NOT FOLLOW THEM, but go straight on the left-hand side!!!

    See the map!